Antique Oil Cans – Few Tips for Using Them as Interior Décor Articles

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Sanitize them before use

Antique oil cans are sometimes found in unhygienic places like garbage dumps or junkyards. They are dirty and will definitely have a number of germs and harmful bacteria. So, before you arrange them in your house, make sure that you clean them up properly. Even if you buy these cans from reputed sources, it will still be worth to purchase a sanitizer and spray the solution all over the can. Ensure that the sanitizer does not cause peeling of the paint and ruin the look of the can. Hot water is also a good way of sterilizing them. Once they are clean and sanitized, you can arrange them in various designs and patterns that will enhance the attraction of your space. The more color and shape you can add to the collection, greater will be the visual appeal. So, when you collect, always keep track of the colors, shapes and sizes you have and collect new ones that are different from the existing ones.

Where to place antique oil cans?

These cans look good anywhere. However, there are certain places that are not suitable for placement of these cans, especially, if there is still oil left within. Keep these cans away from fireplaces, fire grates or any other open source of flame. The best way to display them is as a cluster. You can place them together in shelves, racks, top of book racks, on cabinets and closets. The major advantage of this kind of arrangement is a prompt appreciation of the vivid colors and designs of antique oil cans. Each of them being different from one another, they present a stunning contrast when presented together. You can arrange them in contrasting colors so that the distinction is emphasized further. You can also build a special niche for your antique oil cans and place them creatively with focus lights and a neutral background.

Antique Oil Cans – A Major Hobby

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Antique oil can collection

Collecting antiques is a craze with several people. You will be surprised at the number of things and the kinds of things that people collect in the name of antique. These things range from match boxes and shoe boxes to old leather and chocolate wrappers. Collecting antique oil cans is also a major hobby, which people have been indulging in for decades. The major attraction of these cans is their ability to be instantly striking. They are available in such huge color range and shapes that you will never be bored of them. You will always find something new every time you open the internet to look for a new antique can to add to your collection. The sheer number and variety of these cans is what makes them as enticing as a collectible.

Very old antique oil cans can be difficult to find

However, older models of oil cans are not so easy to find because while these cans are antiques now, they were not of any value when they held oil and were in use. So, naturally, these cans went right into garbage after use. Moreover, it is harder to find old oil cans that are in good condition. You will most of them with dents, chipped paint and bent handles. Nevertheless, being an antique and a product of another era and generation, they hold a lot of value. Owing to this reason, the cost of the can depends up to a large extent on its present condition. So, if you have an old antique oil can that you would like to sell and make some good and fast bucks. Clean it up a bit but make sure not to disturb the existing paint. Do not attempt to touch up on the paint because it ruins authenticity. Before selling, you should also clean it with an antiseptic or sterilize it so that any kind of germ infestation can be gotten rid of.

Antique Oil Can – They Can Fetch You Good Money

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One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

If you think that the old cans of oil lying in your father’s garage are junk, then you need to reconsider your opinions. This is a perfect example of what people mean when they say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. There are a lot of people in the United States alone, who make a hobby of collecting antique oil cans. In fact, they are ready to buy oil and dilapidated oil cans and can pay high amounts of money for older and rarer cans. If you search the internet, you will be surprised to find the huge range of old antique motor cans present in the stores. So, if you do happen to find a can that belongs to the early 1900s or to the decade just after the Second World War, you might well be in for a bonanza. Depending on the can and its historical details, it can fetch anywhere between $20 and $400. The older the can, higher is the money it can fetch. Next time when you sift through the junk lying at home, be doubly careful before you throw things out. Old and antique objects are present in every house. The only problem is that not everybody can different a diamond from an ordinary stone.

Put your cans on sale online

Antique oil cans collectors are always on a lookout for cans that are not already present in their collection. When they do find one, be it from any part of the world, they like to get their hands on it and take a further step towards enriching their antique oil can collection. However, since you cannot personally go searching for collectors, you can advertise your cans online. There are many sites that cater to this kind of trade. By choosing a good and reliable site, you can get good value for your can.

Antique Oil Cans – Know the Worth of the Can Before You Buy or Sell

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Realize the worth of your junk before selling

If you find an oil can that your grandfather used in his youth, then he did a very good thing by not throwing it away. Old oil cans or antique oil cans can fetch you good amount of money if you realize what they are worth. If you open the internet and search for antique oil cans, you will find dozens of stores with can-lined shelves that fill hundreds of web pages. All of these cans are differently priced depending on their year of manufacturing, the manufacturing company, the uniqueness in their shapes, their oil holding capacity and historic value. When you find old oil can, check out the date of manufacturing. If it is somewhere in during the Second World War era, then it can fetch you a decent price. If the can is older and belongs to the 19th century, then the value is much higher. You can check out the manufacturer on the internet and other details about the can. Based on these things, you can match your can with other similar cans and find out how much it is worth. You can get a good price for the can lying in your attic or junk yard.

Know the worth of a can before purchasing

If you a collector, then you should have a strong idea about the various manufacturers and their specialties so that you do not end up paying too much for a can that is not worth much. You can learn about the tell tale signs on the logo or label of the company or other little signs that giveaway the authenticity of the can. Before you buy a can, find out about the manufacturer so that you know how much worth the can is. If you find it really worth it, making it a part of your collection is really worth the cost.

Collecting Vintage Oil Cans Part Seven

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This might be a problem if you have a collection of vintage plasters (perhaps also quite interesting seeing as many of the children’s ones have pop culture images on them) – because no matter how old or interesting they are few people collect these. However with antique oil cans you have the benefit of their being a large industry surrounding the collection. You can find magazines, websites, shops and more and just typing in ‘antique oil can’ online will bring up a vast range of results that you can look through meaning that you will never be short of a buyer and you can get a lot of money for your vintage oil cans – or your family can after you’re gone.

This striving community of antique oil can lovers also means that you can easily find and buy oil cans and that makes them particularly rewarding and fun to collect. It also means that you can find groups of enthusiasts online or elsewhere to meet with or to discuss your interest with and it’s a great feeling being able to look around someone else’s collection or to show off your own – otherwise it can be quite lonely to collect something that no one else appreciates.

This also gives you another avenue to buy and trade vintage oil cans – by putting adverts in hobbyist magazines, or by discussing it on forums. This easy exchange and flow of information is conducive to your collecting efforts and makes the whole process more sociable.

At the same time, because they’re every day pieces of equipment, this is something that anyone can relate to and appreciate when you tell them about them, and also something you can encounter in scrap heaps and other places without paying a cent.

Collecting Vintage Oil Cans Part Six

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Because you can view buying a vintage oil can just like buying a stock or share or a bank bond. Likewise it means that you have some kind of financial security as a result of doing something you love. Another little benefit is that if you ever have your house broken into and robbed, most thieves are not clued-in enough to recognize the potential value of your vintage oil can collection and they will ignore it and leave it in tact. This means that even when your other belongings are stolen you will be able to rely on your vintage oil cans.

Another potential use for your vintage oil cans is that your family can maybe sell them after you’re gone and this is a great way to leave something behind for them. You can’t expect them to feel as passionately as you about antique oil cans, however if you leave your collection for them then it is something that they can use in order to support themselves after you are gone. Leave them to whoever you want in your will and make sure that they know their value. They could then take them to an antique dealer and get a great value for them – it’s a great gift to leave behind for someone and a great way to put an end to your collection.

Things at the end of the day are only worth what someone will pay for them. Technically your antique oil cans collection might be worth thousands or even millions, but if you can’t reach anyone who wants to buy it then it is useless to you and at best you will end up driving the price down by negotiating with the person.

The Joy of Collecting Vintage Oil Cans Part Five

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The great thing about any vintage collection such as vintage oil cans is that you are paying for the age of the cans. In other words once you’ve bought them they will just continue to go up I price because they will continue to get older. This is the opposite of how so many other things work – for instance buy a new car and the moment you take it out of the show room it loses its value and you lose a lot of money. However with vintage oil cans, each day adds to their value and makes them more expensive when you come to sell them meaning that you can double or quadruple or even increase even further your initial investment.

There’s another way that these gain in value too – and that in that your collection will get larger. Collections always sell well as they allow other people with antique oil can interests to start their collection without starting from scratch. This then means that they can show off a great collection, or add it to theirs and increase its number. People won’t mind either having items that they already have as these will still add to their number and help you to improve their overall impact.

Of course when you buy your first antique oil can you don’t do so expecting to one day sell it. Most of us will become too proud of our vintage oil can collection and will want to show it off and display it and would rather sell other things that we’ve put less time and effort into. However at the end of the day that value is still there, and it’s just as good as having it in some banks meaning that if you ever needed to cash in on that investment you could. This means you don’t need to feel any guilt when you buy an antique oil can.

The Joy of Collecting Vintage Oil Cans Part Four

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You may love just owning or collecting cars, or you might enjoy tinkering with them and having a go at mechanical engineering. However the sheer fact that cars are huge and dirty machines means it’s hard to bring this passion home with you or into the bedroom. Your partner will likely complain when you leave the wrench on the dining table and likewise you can’t really view your cars without heading into the garage. How do you display your love of vehicles?

Well one way to do so is to use vintage oil cans which you can stand on your shelves and cupboards and will actually look attractive in a very vintage and steam-punk kind of way. They’re almost kitsch when they look dated enough and can go well with a whole range of other décor but at the same time they advertize your love or all things cars and ensure that people know this is the house of a car enthusiast. That further means that when someone comes to look around and they notice your collection of vintage oil cans they’ll probably spark up a conversation and discuss with you the intricacies of various vehicles and the sound of their favorite engine – a great bonding experience and a great way to talk about and show off your hobby.

Of course collecting vintage oil cans is more than just something that you can show off to friends and talk about with verve and passion. This is also something that actually makes sense from a financial perspective and unlike many other things you might want to spend your money on these are in fact an investment that will pay you back in the long run.

The Joy of Collecting Vintage Oil Cans Part Three

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Then there’s the fact that the petrol companies are such huge organizations. So important is petrol and oil that we base a lot of our politics on the acquisition and sale of oil. When tax on petrol goes up we have huge riots and strikes and it affects almost everyone in every line of work (particularly if you have ever been a trucker or a delivery person then you will have a much closer relationship to oil). Oil is nothing short of being the motivation for many wars (in some cases this is not explicitly stated) and discovering oil on your land is one of the surest ways to make a fortune and a dream for many people. This is a huge industry and one that actually shapes the world, so it is also one that makes for a fascinating collection.

One day this collection might be even more impactful than it is now. At the moment we are moving away from oil as our primary energy source and while it won’t be any time soon that we stop using these fossil fuels, eventually we are likely to move to entirely electrically powered vehicles or even other forms of fuel such as hydrogen or solar power. One day perhaps these antique oil cans might be incredibly unfamiliar – relics of a bygone age and of a different kind of motor industry. Oil powered cars could be viewed with a kind of reverence like steam trains, and the antique oil can collections amassed would be a great tribute to a bygone age and one that would have no doubt raised in value and rarity.

Of course for any automobile fanatics who just love cars and mechanics and the whole industry, vintage oil cans will always have a certain charm. For such aficionados, the automobile industry has a huge appeal – cars being labors of love between man and machine that represent ongoing projects that will eventually bring freedom and the ability to travel the world but with a charm and personality unique to each vehicle.

The Joy of Collecting Vintage Oil Cans Part Two

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Of course not only do the car manufacturers and oil companies come and go, but so the designs of the oil cans and even the brand designs themselves also change over time as do the designs used on the antique oil cans.

This then means that an individual who was well versed in vintage oil cans, could look at a specific vintage oil can from your collection and then give you a rough (or even an exact) estimate of the date it was made – it really is a window into the past in this way.

Then there’s the fact that some vintage petrol cans would also be the result of special promotions or of sponsorship deals with other companies. This might mean that you can find all kinds of different vintage oil cans pertaining to a range of different interests, industries and more. Like collecting stamps or coins you can find items commemorating every event so you can enjoy literally a tour through history and maybe pop-culture via the medium of collectable antique oil cans as your portal.

There are other people who might find this particularly interesting and petroliana is a hobby for a range of different types of individuals. Of course for anyone interested in the petrol industry who might have worked there at some point or who has invested stock in a company like ESSO, then petroliana might strike a little closer to home and prove particularly interesting.

However petroliana is something really that effects all of us. Of course all of us have cars or have had at some point, and this means that we can all relate to the importance of petrol as a highly combustible material capable of powering the mechanical engineering of the world.